Though Raina Fehl lived an adventure filled, productive life, a life rich with love and friendship and beauty, we are shocked that she has come to the end of her journey on the earth. She was filled with thoughts, keen observations, curiosity, tenderness, and plans until the last days of her life.


We (her daughters, Katharine and Caroline) plan to enrich the world by posting some of her personal writing on this site, and potentially publishing it. Since her death we have come across short stories in a very modern vein. Many people besides ourselves have been the recipients of her lyrical letters. During the last months Raina wrote several anecdotes describing experiences from a while ago.


This site will also include a bibiliography. Much of our mother’s scholarly work was in helping our father to organize and prepare work for publication. She also did quite a bit of work in her own right. She had interests in fields other than the history of art, including Greek ligatures, dramatic criticism, English grammar, and French grammar. She studied the work of Max Reinhardt, and the work of Karl Kraus.


While we had a sense of Raina as a woman and a person among her peers, to us she was the perhaps too forgiving mother, finding almost everything about us wonderful; she opened her arms and her heart to us always, and did so with a love carried by the history of the world: we were embraced through her (and our father, too) with love that rested gracefully on the laurels of the achievements of our species, of the courage manifested by all people who have ever lived.


We miss them.


A Note From the Family

We want, and feel it is incumbent upon us, to describe the last few months of Raina Fehl’s life, so that her friends may have an idea of what happened to her, that they may be able to locate the last portion of her life in time and space.


Memorial for Raina

We are planning memorials and lectures here and in Italy. Find out more about Raina's work including 'The Art of Mourning: Tombs of the Popes'.

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The Fehls on Wikipedia

To learn more about Raina and her late husband, Philipp Fehl, please visit their listings on Wikipedia.

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